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Italy, the Land of a Thousand lakes

© Peter van Diessen

Italy has many lakes; In fact, there are over a thousand, known for their incomparable beauty and each is characterized by different characteristics. The lakes, Garda, Maggiore and Como, now known worldwide, have become ideal destinations to spend some time in the sun and in close contact with nature. The main lakes of Italy are fully equipped and offer a range of accommodation options. The beaches offer all the comfort and are suitable for swimming. In addition to relaxation, visitors can have fun testing their skills with a variety of outdoor activities. Various water sports are on offer: waterskiing, canoeing, windsurfing, sailing, scuba diving and even fishing, with competitions at national level. Sports such as golf, horse riding and mountain biking are also offered almost everywhere. A holiday on the lake also makes it possible for tourists to discover the surrounding areas, which are full of history and traditions.

The Lakes of Italy create enchanting landscapes thanks to the extraordinarily prosperous ecosystems that have evolved over the millennia and the evolution of the many and different species of plants and animals. Small mountain lakes, which are very common at high altitudes, are excellent destinations for exciting walks to explore breathtaking landscapes. Visitors have a world of emotions to explore, follow their instincts and their passions and enjoy scents and tastes. A holiday by the lake offers guests the rare opportunity to discover and enjoy the charm of Italy, reflected in cool, pristine waters.

The Great Lakes, the Lakes Como, Maggiore and Garda, are the largest lakes in Italy, they have always been a major holiday destination, and their fame has never stopped growing.

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