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At Vai! You pay for your listing a fixed low amount of €20,-per year

(in the case of submitting a description in 3 languages. You may also have your description translated by us for €10,-per language)

Would you also like to make your holiday accommodation in Italy more visible for a fixed low amount of €20,- incl per year? Please fill in the form below, pay online and within 24 hours your holiday accommodation is online.

Before you begin, read the explanation carefully, make sure you have everything at hand, and then in between the pages of the form save it so that you can finish it later.

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What should you have on hand to fill out the form and sign up your holiday accommodation in Italy?


  • Of course all relevant information about your accommodation, such as name, address, telephone numbers etc.
  • A nice catchy description of your accommodation of up to 500 words/1500 characters in Dutch, Italian and English (translations can also be realised for you for a small fee of €10,- per language)
  • A total of 5 pictures in a high resolution, of which:
  • 1 picture in the format 800×400 pixels for above your listing
  • 1 picture in the ratio 4×3 (at least 800×600 pixels) used in the overviews with other accommodations
  • 3 pictures in the ratio 4×3 (at least 800×600 pixels)
  • A credit card to pay for your listing
  • In addition, it is important that you pinpoint the exact location of your accommodation in the Google Map, your listing will include a Google map with your location with the possibility to plan a route.

The form consists of three parts/pages. It is advisable to save the progress during completion by clicking on “Save for Later”. You will then receive an email with a link that you can use to open and finish the form again, or to modify your listing.

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